Commission Me!

I currently take commissions for pet portraiture. My specialty is in cats, although I’ve also delved into dogs and rodents, and am more than happy to take on any kind of challenge you can issue. For examples of my work, see my gallery above.

Every project comes with its own rate, but here are my average prices for my most common orders:

Oil on Canvas, 12×14, Simple Background: $50
Oil on Canvas, 12×14, Complex Background: $75
Oil on Canvas, 16×20, Simple Background: $75

Oil on Canvas, 16×20, Complex Background: $100
Oil on Canvas, 18×24, Simple Background: $100
Oil on Canvas, 18×24, Complex Background: $125+

If you are looking for a different size, special canvas, or another kind of paint (acrylic/watercolor), contact me and I’ll be happy to work out a custom order with a custom price.